Author of the Month: Priscilla Danita

When I met Priscilla Danita Robinson, it was during my days as a young novice through a post on Facebook about my first release, Zion’s Road. The admiration for the novelette she’d expressed was generous to a weary soul since my expectations for the book didn’t amount to what I’d hoped for.

Yet, Priscilla continued of who her favorite characters were, and why, and asked all the questions to douse her curiosity on my original intentions of the storyline. As an author, I was elated – a reader had an interest in my work. However, during the conversation, I read more than enthusiastic praise; but an inquisitive need to learn about the craft. And not surprisingly, she made the confirmation, she, too, was an author.

Since then, we’ve been our biggest cheerleaders, our role models, and of course, great friends. But there was another discovery: Priscilla is huge a fan of Paranormal Fiction.

A brilliant writer that doesn’t need to step out of the box because, to her, boxes don’t exist. An… Click To Tweet

In the world of African American literature, there aren’t too many African American authors writing this genre. There are, however, famous authors like Tananarive Due, Octavia Butler, L.A. Banks, and my dear friend, TP Miller – all have been successful with a keen imagination for plots and a writing prowess.

And then there’s Priscilla Danita.

A brilliant writer that doesn’t need to step out of the box because, to her, boxes don’t exist. An original storyline with ingenious characters makes Priscilla a damn good author. Which is why Pink Noire has chosen this fine writer as the author of the month for September.

Anyone can call themselves an “author”; but it takes heart to grind day after day to promote, market, and sell her books despite the advice from some who feel writing in another genre would gain a larger audience.

*eye roll*

Priscilla Danita, you do you and keep writing what you feel in your heart because there’s an audience for every author.

To learn more about  Priscilla, visit here and say hello!