Author Wildflower

Pink Noire latest addition:

Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest, Wildflower discovered her talents as a writer in her teens. Although her works were more of healing from past issues, she discovered there was something there in the words. After keeping a personal blog to pen her talents, Wildflower made a lifetime decision to become a published author.

When asked about writing erotica and if it conflicts with being an abuse survivor, she says:

 “If I don’t write from my heart – every honest thing of what a woman feels, including sensuality – would make my attacker, and others, win. These are my words, my imagination, and my creativity to entertain, to invoke, and to be real as I motherf***king can”.

Author Wildflower is a laborer at a local Indianapolis plant. She’s a mother and a passionate vegan. 

Book Description:

Her Game and Betrayal


From the new voice of erotica, Wildflower. 

Meet William “Red” Hudson, a suave, handsome Cop that has everything going for him; and yet, has a chilling dark-side. Little does he know, his game of corruption may soon end by a mysterious woman. Has he met his match?

Pink Noire’s latest addition, Wildflower