Author Imani Wisdom

has been writing since the tender age of eight as a young lyricist. Later her love for words blossomed to short stories and to what she loves doing to this date, storytelling. At the prime of her life, she has authored two books: Zion’s Road and The Journey of Ruthie Belle and a later release in 2020, Lilith. 

Lilith Excerpt

Promotional Excerpt

Raw and Unedited Excerpt As soon as the Corrections Officer opens the door, I see a woman sitting at Lilith and I table, waiting in silence. She’s wearing a fashionable, gray two-piece suit with an attractive set of heels, and very pretty. Her hair as I remembered from photographs and news footages is longer, almost…

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Being creative in the new normal

What has ingrained into my soul had suddenly ceased to exist. The creation of new worlds and inescapable truths had become a lost battle cry. For years,  I’ve grown accustomed to pounding the keyboard at any given moment. Now, I’m silenced. Yet, here I am, writing why I can’t write. Trying to decipher whether it…

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Confessions of my denial

Denial. It’s that feeling that causes your spirit to quiver. For years – and maybe decades – mine has been shaken on and off, and I never understood why, until now. Lately, I’ve taken a challenging task of working a full-time job, going to school, and running a small business; juggling three demanding, time-consuming positions….

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When being humble means everything

There was a woman who was sitting high on her game — a good paying job, her own apartment, two handsome, little boys, a brand new car, and a debonair King by her side. Ms. Petite (the name I’m giving her for this post) had accomplished all of this by twenty-five years old. This woman,…

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Who is Arthur Belle?

COMING THIS SUMMER Who is Arthur Belle? He’s who I called my proud achievement of character development for a villain. Arthur has the ingredients of what a bad guy is supposed to be: sinister, manipulative, and cold-hearted; but also holds a mystery which takes many keys to unlock. Like another character Harold Smith of Zion’s…

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