Zion’s Road

“I was surprised by this story. The beginning I was angry at Harold for his racists ways and just like today had little sympathy for hatred in death. Through the story I found my hatred for him no different than his. Even though I only hated because of his racism it is still hate. In order to change a person fear of the unknown we must learn to teach love to our children and love our fellow man as God loves us. This is what Harold learns on his journey. Excellent story.” Anita Wade

“This is not a deep, detailed treatise on the topic, but rather a simple, heartfelt story that asks the reader to look at and ponder the impact and devastation of race hate and its legacy. It doesn’t require a specific religious belief, it doesn’t demand an acceptance of any one spiritual way of thinking, it simply leaves one to consider: if Harold Smith could have his eyes –and his heart–opened to the truth of what connects us all, regardless of color, so could anyone else.” Lorraine Devon Wilke

“Although this story is short, it is remarkable and thought-provoking. At the end of Harold’s life, he is faced with confronting his demons. It was a difficult thing to do because it forced him to realize that a life of hate was not worth living. Zion’s Road by Imani Wisdom is such a powerful read, and it makes readers eager to look within and come to terms with their shortcomings while they are still alive. Ms Wisdom is a talented writer and I look forward to reading more of her exceptional work.” JGRWriter

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