Author Imani Wisdom

has been writing since the tender age of eight as a young lyricist. Later her love for words blossomed to short stories and to what she loves doing to this date, storytelling. Born to a public school teacher and a manufacturer for the local paper, Imani is the mother to two adult sons and a teenage daughter. At 44, she understands making her way in the literary world will have its obstacles. Yet she’s willing to give her all.  

This diamond is every author’s best friend!

Oh my goodness! Look who’ve joined me on the Pink Noire couch — Kisha Green! Since the last interview, on the “Pink Lounge” website, Kisha and I relationship had turned from colleagues to a profound, creative duo. She’s become my literary manager — and an awesome one, I may add. So, in between promoting and…

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I love writing, but the hate fuckery that comes with it

One day as I scrolled through my Facebook page reading the usual micro-diary of people’s thoughts, dreams, and frustrations, I had this impeding reaction of wonder. Years I’ve spent on this social media giant, networking with rookies and seasoned authors, as well as, giving my heart and soul by promoting my books, I asked myself,…

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TJRB latest press release

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Imani Wisdom Office: 317.721.5730 Email:   IMANI WISDOM EXPLORES SECOND CHANCES AND FORGIVENESS IN NEW BOOK   Author Imani Wisdom understands about second chances and forgiving others, as well as forgiving oneself. Now she brings that experience in her debut novel about finding redemption in the strangest…

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Confessions of my denial

Denial. It’s that feeling that causes your spirit to quiver. For years – and maybe decades – mine has been shaken on and off, and I never understood why, until now. Lately, I’ve taken a challenging task of working a full-time job, going to school, and running a small business; juggling three demanding, time-consuming positions….

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When being humble means everything

There was a woman who was sitting high on her game — a good paying job, her own apartment, two handsome, little boys, a brand new car, and a debonair King by her side. Ms. Petite (the name I’m giving her for this post) had accomplished all of this by twenty-five years old. This woman,…

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