For all of the perfectly flawed people…


After ten years, three rewrites, sleepless nights, and several failed release dates, my novel will finally make its debut this summer.

It’s a wonderful feeling to overcome from the uncertainty and self-doubts, wondering if anyone besides my test readers will read my work.

And now the world will.

Coming late summer is my anticipated release, The Journey of Ruthie Belle. It’s about a meek housewife, in the early part of the twentieth century, as she finds an ingenious escape from her abusive husband. But discovers later, her life, and everything she knows of it, isn’t what it seems.

This novel should relate to any person who’ve defied life’s challenges; where they’ve come close to walking in the valley of shadow of death and refusing to succumb to evil.

This is for the person who’ve been lost, mentally or emotionally, but found redemption through a second-chance.

And this is for the perfectly flawed person, living in their imperfect world, yet seeks guidance and direction from a special helping hand.

I’ve been a “Ruthie Belle, and still am today — just like the person who’s reading this. It could be a friend, co-worker, a someone you know.

This book is for anyone who’s on their life’s journey searching for the possibilities.