Lilith Novel

Raw and Unedited Excerpt

As soon as the Corrections Officer opens the door, I see a woman sitting at our usual table, waiting in silence. She’s wearing a fashionable, gray two-piece suit with an attractive set of heels, and very pretty. Her hair as I remembered from photographs and news footages is longer, almost to the length of her daughter’s, along with the perfection of her makeup.

Physically the two can pass for sisters, but their prominent features barely resemble. From my perspective, Lilith must look more like her biological father.

While Lilith sits in her chair, I follow the Corrections Officer out the door. But she yells, “No – you stay”. Feeling puzzled, I glance back at her scowl. “I want you here, Nun – okay?” Lilith continues.

Lily-Ann and my eyes met and from her expression, she seems little put-off. “If you want me to” I reply to Lilith. So I place myself on the farthest wall from the table to observe the Sullivan women. But what I feel is tension so thick it’s nearly suffocating.

“So” her mother finally breaks the ice. “I see you’re handing yourself fairly well”

“I’m good, mom, considering I might be dead in a few hours” Lilith shrugs. Her mother gives a loud sigh as she places her elbow on the table while resting her chin in her palm. Then she taps her shiny, red nails on the granules of the wood. Lilith notices and adds, “Nervous, mom?”

“Considering where I’m at – yes, a little” Lily-Ann forces a smile.

“You mean prison, right?” Lilith sneers.

“Yes, Peaches, I’m aware I’m in a prison, but never would I thought I would be speaking to my daughter in one”

Lilith chuckles under her breath and replies, “Gee, that’s funny mom, considering you could’ve written or answered my calls for the seven years I’ve been in here”


“Peaches what, mom?” Lilith interrupts sharply. “You had plenty of opportunity to check-in on my well-being and you chose not. But the only times I’ve heard from you were from the two letters about…her…so…”

“So…” Lily-Ann echoes.

“You know what I’m asking you”

“She’s fine, Peaches!” Lily-Ann firms her tone.

“Then why you haven’t sent pictures or anything” Lilith rages. “You just took her and erased me away from your life…”

“Peaches, that’s not it” Lily-Ann cuts in.

“Oh really, mom?” she retorts. “Gee fucking whiz, I sure as hell can’t see it. You know what – forget about I said you’ve erasing me from your life because you’d done that a long time ago. I had to grow up once your husband had your way with me”


“Stop calling me Peaches!” Lilith slams her hand on the table while screaming on top of her lungs, causing the room to reverberate her voice. “Don’t you ever fucking call me by that name again” she adds.

“All right then…Lilith” her mother corrects herself.

“Not that either, you lost that right once your husband put his tongue on me”

Lily-Ann scowl is identical to her daughter and says, “You’re not being fair, girl”

“Girl” she laughs sarcastically, “Ain’t that ‘bout a bitch? Girl? Mom, you’re still fucking clueless. Have you ever wondered why your husband called me ‘Peaches’?”

Her mother shrugs, answering in an exacerbating voice, “I don’t know. He never told me”

“Of course he didn’t” Lilith speaks in a low voice. She leans to the table with the same smirk she shown to me earlier in our interviews. “Yeah, mom, there’s a lot you didn’t know. Richard Sullivan – the man who adopted your bastard daughter said I was so sweet that I tasted like a ripe peach – get it?”

©2015, Imani Wisdom

Pink Noire Publications

Coming in 2020

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