This diamond is every author’s best friend!

Oh my goodness! Look who’ve joined me on the Pink Noire couch — Kisha Green!

Since the last interview, on the “Pink Lounge” website, Kisha and I relationship had turned from colleagues to a profound, creative duo. She’s become my literary manager — and an awesome one, I may add. So, in between promoting and marketing, Kisha sat down with me for a one-on-one about her work, life, and an intriguing topic, relationships.

Imani: It’s an honor and privilege to have this Q&A with the talented, Kisha Green. So, welcome. Before we begin, I would like to know the story of what led you to this point of your journey.

Kisha: First, let me say that it is a HUGE honor to be asked to be featured by someone I respect and admire. My journey started back when I was a teen with a journal who often documented my day to day events in life. Once I read these journal entries they read like a book, full of drama and emotion. I am a lover of books so it is no surprise that today at age 41, I am living my dream on my terms.

As an author, what inspires you to create?

I am inspired by life. My friends and family are often my muses unbeknownst to them. I also love watching dramatic series and movies you see on Lifetime, so I combine those elements and write stories, ones that are full of drama but emotionally accurate.

The first interview we’ve had a year ago, you’ve shared an unforgettable wisdom, “Creating your own ‘yes’”, explain to the readers what does mean? And how does one create their own yes?

Early in my literary journey no one in the industry was interested in my book or me and after several ignored emails, I got into my feelings and then said make your own and that is just what I did and never looked back nor waited for anyone to tell me yes, as long as I was able to create my own,

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Tell us about your most recent work?

I have a short story in the Street Literature Anthology, New York Shorties that was released in February.

What’s the hard part about being an author?

Time management and patience.

Now, an easy one: what do you love about being an author?

Kisha: I am self-published and an entrepreneur so I have creative freedom in all aspects of my literary career.

Now, let’s change the subject a bit: I understand you’re a relationship expert. So, fill in the blank: Relationships wouldn’t be complicated if __________________.

I do not view myself as an expert but as a person who has always been intrigued by people and relationships, I always study people and behaviors. This has led me to currently studying to become a life coach, I believe life, in general, would be less complicated if they were just honest.

Great answer! Now, define the phrase “healthy relationship”.

Healthy is an honest relationship with consistent effective communication. There is no such thing as perfect but if you communicate and are honest in all aspects, things will be fine.

Have any of your relationships (past or present) affected your creativity? Does it motivate or drain you?

Yes, all my experiences have been included in my stories. The good, bad, and ugly have made it in print in my stories lol.

Let’s talk about promoting: First, tell us more about your business “DivaBooksInc”.

DivaBooksInc is my company that is the umbrella for all my literary endeavors. Writer’s Life Chats, my award-winning literary radio show, Literary Jewels, my literary website, and my promo services that are geared towards authors. I also offer literary management and consultations.

Let’s say if someone is new to the business with a nominal budget, what advice would you give on promoting themselves?

Set a publishing budget, promotional budget and save up. Trying to short change and take shortcuts will only waste time and money.

For some that don’t know, what’s the difference between branding and marketing?

Branding is all the ways you establish an image of you and your company in your customers’ eyes. For example, if you get a website and it describes what you offer, your online advertisements should reflect those services and or products you sell. The selection of colors that will be associated with your company, creating a logo and promoting all on social media. Where with marketing, its sole purpose is to make people aware of your presence and what you do and educate people on you and your services and or products. The sole purpose is to attract people to you so they want to do business with you or interest them that they want your product and the ultimate goal is to make money, some people need more persuading than others so they may not buy at first, but they will go to your website, ask for more information and or sign up for your email subscription but these are all good things for you to use as a way to bring forth a follow-up conversation via phone, text or email.

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What do you love more: writing or literary management?

Hmmm…I feel like I am cheating on writing if I dare say management lol. Being a self-published author allows me creative freedom to just write and literary management lets me work closely with others like me so I get to go through the process with each author and I enjoy learning with them as well as teaching them too.

Of all the Q&A’s, what’s the one question you haven’t been asked (or wished you’ve been asked), and your answer?

Wow…That is a hard one…Well, I guess it would be “What do you wish you would have TRULY known BEFORE publishing?” I wish that someone would have told me the importance of an editor and stressed that but also that it takes money and to set a realistic budget but lastly, that everyone you meet on your journey will not stay…reason…season…lifetime and when those people leave, it is ok because elevation requires separation.

This is the part I would ask to share your social networks. Instead of asking the obvious, I’m giving ‘question 15’ as your platform. You may share a quote, write a summary that details more about your work, or a synopsis. This space is for you:

“Be confident in your work, but be careful not to put a book out into the world until you are sure that it is your very best work and professional in all respects (writing, editing, cover design, formatting, etc.). As with anything, you get only one chance to make a first impression, and every reader deserves a quality product.”—Darcie Chan

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