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Author Imani Wisdom understands about second chances and forgiving others, as well as forgiving oneself. Now she brings that experience in her debut novel about finding redemption in the strangest of places. The book is entitled “The Journey of Ruthie Belle” and is narrated by the perspective of Ruthie Belle in her unique southern, storytelling ability.


Wisdom depicted her imagination with story and character ideas wrapped into a gripping 80,000 word Contemporary Women’s Fiction. “When your second chance comes, grab it” the author said. “Many are either too blind, or too afraid, to recognize another giving opportunity. It’s as if they feel they’re undeserving of another chance.”


Wisdom also has been attracted to the unexplained, such as, creating unknown worlds. “I have this fascination about Angels, and what better way of writing this novel of forgiveness is to have celestial beings guiding lost souls to redemption.”


The Journey of Ruthie Belle will capture friendship, ultimate sacrifices, and devotion to family. The novel will have its serious side, depicting domestic violence and child abuse.


Imani Wisdom has written a novelette entitled “Zion’s Road: A Love Story about Faith and Redemption”, which is currently on Amazon. She also lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her three children and her grandmother.




The meek, Ruthie Belle dreams of one day being free from her husband’s constant mental and physical torment, until one day she finds the courage to spike his favorite supper time meal. Even though the plan goes without a hitch, Ruthie spends the rest of her life riddle in guilt and shame. Later at the ripe age of 103, Ruthie passes away to a place where forgiveness and redemption are a part of everyday journeys. During her pilgrimage, she meets people from her past and makes new and important friends to help to her final destination – the Promised Land. Yet the further into her journey, the darker it gets. Ruthie discovers things aren’t the way it seems when her shame comes back for his revenge – her husband. Will new revelations keep her from her pursuit to redemption? Or will the haunting of her past stop her cold in her tracks?


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