Who is Arthur Belle?


Who is Arthur Belle? He’s who I called my proud achievement of character development for a villain. Arthur has the ingredients of what a bad guy is supposed to be: sinister, manipulative, and cold-hearted; but also holds a mystery which takes many keys to unlock. Like another character Harold Smith of Zion’s Road, he’s the perfect, non-perfect character for Ruthie’s storytelling.

In “The Journey of Ruthie Belle”, Arthur began the first chapter with a bang!He showed his true colors in the first paragraph. I didn’t want to start with an overt description of his background and his looks. Instead I began with an intense subject-matter – not do it out of shock and awe – but to show the life Ruthie faced in the days when women had no place to go when the going got rough.

Although Ruthie narrates TJRB, the story will go into depth of her dysfunctional family unit. Significantly, the underlying tone of the entire book falls in the power of love – which prevails in the shadow of abuse. The Patriarch, Arthur, scorned with his character flaws will get under the skin of the reader – not because of his wicked ways but it’s in his nature. Curious to what that mean? Well, you’re just going to have to find out when The Journey of Ruthie Belle comes out.

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